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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

... a slapped wrist ...

... has again been administered, quite justifiably, it's true, for my failure to blog. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Well, I do have a bit of an excuse. I was brought low by something that if it was not swine 'flu, was certainly akin to. And very unpleasant it was too. Lasted for the best part of a fortnight, 3 days of which I spent entirely in bed, being ministered unto! I will spare the gory details of how it seemed to visit every part of my poor, ailing frame, and instead give you a lovely picture of New Forest pigs (swine - geddit???!!!) in pannage!

The pigs are loosed onto the forest floor to gobble up all the acorns, which are apparently very bad for the ponies. Their pork is said to have a superb flavour, which I shall put to the test very soon, and let you know the results of my research!

Work on our house renovation is proving very slow, as we struggle to find solutions we both like and can afford. Still, I have progress to report: we have wonderful new, automatic, garage doors! Now that may not seem much to you, but to us it signifies a beginning at last, and the opportunity to empty one of our hired storerooms thereby liberating a little more gelt for the project. So here - imagine big fanfare, tada!!! - proudly present, before:

and after:

Watch this space for the next thrilling installment, I promise it will not be so long a wait this time. I have some wonderful family pix, and some great news which I can't wait to spill. Oh, and I'm still knitting in and amongst, of course.


  1. Thank you for the update, so sorry to hear you were unwell.It is indeed much easier to get all your worldly goods sorted when they are out of storage.looking forward to seeing some progress with the house when you have time.
    Waiting with bated breath for your news, don't know if I can pop in for a few weeks, will be in Paris, we shall see.
    Hope you are enjoying more knitting, I am very ticked off not to be able to have sewing or knitting needles on the long flight to and from down under.

  2. Have a lovely trip. BTW, I have found that if I take bamboo or wooden needles, or circulars tipped with bamboo or wood, they don't get picked up by security, and nobody seems to mind. I knitted most of my green shawl on the way to and from Singapore for Christmas last year! and I've knitted to and from South Africa and countless trips to Europe and Eire. Try it with some needles you don't mind losing, and a safety line. or if they're cheap circulars, you can always cut the tips off, and tie up the ends, if they do tell you you can't have the needles. and pack some alternatives in your hold luggage. But I promise you, I ain't been stopped yet.;) (hope nobody from Airport Security is reading this now though, or I'll be rumbled!)