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Sunday, 12 August 2007

sundays closed ... (said with a strong French accent)

Probably not many people will get the reference, but there used to be a comedian in France who was pretty rude about the UK, (just the one? you ask ;) ) and one of his 'insults' was the fact that everything, incl the pubs, was closed on sunday, the implication being that this was a benighted land, with little to commend it. i suppose that in today's London , with its constant claim to be a 24/7, vibrant city, you might be tempted to think that all that had changed. well, not really. for ordinary people life on Sunday can still seem
pretty slow. which is just a long way round of saying that although of late work on the phd has been progressing, and i have had a bit of a social life lately, life is pretty slow today, sunday. so by way of entertainment, i offer a couple of pictures of my husband, Peter - 'i don't do babies', caught in positions which bely his words! ;)

i have also added a list of my projects and projected projects, after the reading of which i thought i maybe ought to and lie down for a spell, it seemed so ambitious. having said which, other people's lists seem much much longer, so i guess i'm still an amateur! ;)


  1. I just checked your blog to see if I could help with the Bee Fields shawl button, but I've only attempted this in Typepad.

    I did get a chuckle out of a Frenchman saying that things were closed. My first visit to both London and Paris (in the late 1960s, summer) was an eye-opener, coming from NYC, where things really don't wind down at all on weekends. The entire city was shut down for August--a huge shock. I always managed to find things to do on Sundays in London.


  2. Your list is longer than mine ;-) he he he
    Granddads are great. My son could say granddad (farfar) before he could say mum!
    "Did it take long to finish part one of the cap shawl? " well, depends how you look at it I guess. I started about a month ago.
    I notice it's on your to do list. I might have to warn you -it is very easy to make (compared to what you are used to) so you might find it a bit boring!

  3. well,sometimes it's good to have 'boring' to keep you going between the 'tough' and the 'impossible' ;)

  4. thanks for trying Marjorie. and i know what you mean about NYC. I loved it though, when we were there a few years ago. can't wait to visit it again. in fact i took pictures of all the bridges on a round boat-trip. i might post them as a flickr when i get the time, i thought they were gr8! ;)