i knit because i can ...

Monday, 24 September 2007

...getting back in the saddle ...

while i wait to see if lost property has found my knitting, i have started a christmas present - can't give many details, cos it's a secret, but it helps to alleviate the loss a bit. am using some lovely Lorna's Lace and a modified pattern from Victorian Lace Today. am also going to finish a multi-coloured jacket for my granddaughter. the cure, clearly, is more of the same!! ;)


  1. Gosh. I have not even thought about Christmas yet much less planned to make anything for someone. You really are getting a jump on the holidays. I'm very impressed!

  2. if i don't think about Christmas now, there will be no Christmas!! with four children, three grandchildren, a mother, a sister a nephew, and a spouse who 'doesn't like Christmas' (but has no problem with the eating, drinking, receiving presents bit, i notice!) and has two children and four grandchildren - you see what i mean? ;)

  3. You have been tagged. Check my blog too see what it is all about.