i knit because i can ...

Saturday, 22 September 2007

sorry i've been silent for so long ...

... and i'm not going to say much now, because i've been travelling a lot, and am absolutely exhausted. however, will post tomorrow. but i will say, am in mourning, because i lost my knitting on a train!!! :(((( and i was halfway through a beautiful shawl. and now i shall have to buy new yarn and start over again, and i can't even be sure that if anyone finds it they will know what to do with it. so i can't say any more now, because i need to cry. :(((


  1. Oh, your Bee Fields Shawl! What a shame!

  2. Oh no, poor you. Have you tried contacting the train company?

  3. How horrid that you lost your knitting! I hope they find it for you. Rest up!