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Monday, 9 March 2009

The emerald isle ....

Having a wonderful time in Killarney, in somewhat changeable weather: rain, sun and snow, sometimes all at once. Snow still covers the mountain tops, while the gorse is beginning to bloom!
The main purpose of my visit, to see the wonderful Finn, has been more than satisfactory. Once again he has cut a tooth. He has three now, and each has been cut in my presence - must be special granny magic! ;)

He loves his bath:

And his food (waiting for dough balls in a local pizza restaurant):

His nan (wearing her emerald green cap shawl) loves him:
Father and son on Torc mountain:

We walked for three hours on Torc, the weather was fair, if blustery. There were goats with kids, frogspawn in the puddles, green shoots everywhere. Water flowed, gurgled, rushed, fell all around us, the sky was mostly blue and the air like the finest champagne. So more than three beautiful things. Life itself is beautiful sometimes - we do well to remember it.

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  1. Oh, it all looks and sounds so wonderful! Thanks for the lovely pics and by the way, your offspring look mighty fine, too.