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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside ...

As I am about to rush off to Killarney to visit my youngest grandson, the adorable Finn, I thought I'd get a quick blog in about my middle two.

I spent the past weekend with my youngest daughter, Imogen, and as I had agreed to look after my grandson Luke on Sunday, he came along too.
We took him and Imogen's daughter ellie to the seaside, Worthing to be precise. We had a wonderfully typical old-fashioned English seaside Sunday. Strong tea and icecreams on the beach, whilst beachcombing:

Walking up and down the promenade, Luke pushing his own pushchair, and Ellie pushing her toy buggy with Pooh bear ensconced:

Finally fish and chips with more strong tea before driving two exhausted but happy children snoring loudly all the way back home!

I was able to get pictures of Pooh in the jacket I knitted for him, although carelessly, he had left his scarf somewhere, but did have his hat!

Less enjoyable was the realisation that my niggling tooth had morphed into raging toothache requiring almost constant ingestion of painkillers. Mindful of the potential difficulties of having dental problems abroad, I succumbed to common sense and sought an emergency appointment with my lovely dentist. Right call. He diagnosed an abcess, did all sorts of things I prefer not to dwell on to make the tooth temporarily secure and roped me for more appointments to deal with the problem thoroughly on my return. What a nice prospect, eh? Still, it could have been worse, if I hadn't seen him!

Still, I have no intention of letting it put a dampener on my lovely stay in the Emerald Isle. And I am taking knitting with me, the jumper I am knitting for my son, Finn's dad (back and front complete, halfway up the sleeves) which I intend to finish while I'm out there. Now I know that wooden and bamboo needles don't upset the security cameras, I can get loads done in-flight. Fantastic.
Mind you, I think long-suffering Peter will soon forget what I look like, I seem to be away so much. Especially since in my absence he welcomed and installed the replacement for our ailing ousted fridge, with no help at all from me!!
Off with the old:
And on with the new!!

How lucky I am to have a tolerant spouse. I love you, Peter. XXX :)

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