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Monday, 20 April 2009

more on trees ....

The weather having taken a turn for the better, we went to the Royal Horticultural gardens at Wisley Gardens. We spent several hours visiting such things as the Rock Garden, the Wild Garden, the Herb Garden, the small model gardens, finishing with a ramble round the rhodedendrons. I had not realised there were so many different kinds. The big ones, sure, I knew about, but there were some truly tiny ones that would not look out of place in a rockery.

But what I most enjoyed was a Japanese garden, in which I took several photos for my eldest daughter, whose birthday it coincidentally was. She now works as a gardener at a National Trust property, and one of her particular tasks is looking after their Japanese garden, so I took these photos for her.

The entrance to the garden, with the only large tree in it:

Here a forty-year old bonsai, only about three feet high!

A section with stone sculpture and a piece of naturally sculpted wood:

This, I suppose, is what most of us think of as a Japanese garden, but oh so beautifully done:

In fact, we enjoyed the day so much, we have taken a year's subscription as 'Garden Explorers', which means we get special books for my grandchildren, and can take them along any time to spot things, learn so much about gardens, and enjoy a day outdoors!! And I even managed to knit a few rows when we had a rest!

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