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Saturday, 18 April 2009

time flies when you're having fun ...

Once again I have been peripatetic, helping post-op daughter, minding grandchildren, etc. Which has left me with little time for blogging and often little access to the internet. But all of which is great fun, so no complaints.

It has not prevented me knitting, however, which is just as well, since a dear friend has just given birth to a darling daughter (a first baby), for whom I produced this surprise jacket and heart-shaped hat, also courtesy of the great Elizabeth Zimmermann. This was the first time I tried the hat, so rather experimental, but it seems to have worked out well – although I’ll have to wait for the recipient, or rather her mama and papa, to give the final verdict. Best of all, it was knitted with STASH!!! Maybe that's why I felt I could buy some new knitting books, as a reward. Unfortunately, the cost of the books was way out of proportion with the value of the yarn, particularly since I had bought loads of it for 25p. per skein in a sale (Rowan's Lightweight DK, for those who need to know)!

And now to trees! I love old and gnarled trees, and captured a really fine specimen recently whilst visiting the wonderful gardens at Kew.

This one, with its wonderfully twisted branches is not bad either. Although now, a week later, I wouldn’t mind betting that they’re both covered in foliage. Suddenly spring has sprung, blossom and leaves everywhere, a wonderful time of year.


  1. Hi Ingrid,

    I just love that tree. It is rare to find things like that in the USA. I down loaded it to be my wallpaper on my computer. Thank you for showing us.

    Sincerely, Euphoria

    PS: Mountain Man, my husband, wanted to comment also.

    Hello Ingrid,

    The photo of the gnarled tree in Kew is a good example of the amazing variety found in trees. The natural laws that compel their growth has been altered by a touch of elephantiasis perhaps?

    Mountain Man

  2. Love the color progression on the Baby Surprise.

    If you ever have the chance to visit the American South...the Deep South, Louisiana or the Gulf Coast...the live oak trees there will astound you. I've tried to draw them but they're out of my skill zone.