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Friday, 27 July 2007

another senior moment ...

managed to lose the Orenburg pattern and not able to work it out from sample, due to fuzziness of mohair, or it might be my ageing eyes! so started to knit sample scarf, just working through patterns to hand, eg, in Heirloom Knitting, Mary Thomas, and others. I'm quite enjoying that, as I feel it's helping me to understand better how the patterns work.

moreover, Sharon Miller has now very kindly sent me second copy of the Orenburg pattern, so can work on both, depending on my mood. the silk is very, very different. i think it is going to come out larger, even though i am using the same needles. also, i don't think it will 'set' so firmly when blocked, like the shetland yarns do.

shall have to set it all aside at the w/e, as i get to indulge my favourite pastime, Ellie-sitting. 1-year-olds and knitting don't mix. ;) never mind, she'll soon be old enough to learn to hold her first needles :)

PS.: took a couple of pix last week of a small scarf i adapted from the Brora pattern for my mum. will try to put them up soon. happy w/e knitting, everyone :)))

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