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Saturday, 28 July 2007

older - but no wiser ... ?

i 'left home', as in - my mother's house and the town in which i grew up, 42 years ago. i still visit mum and sis, but although they have stayed in Sheffield, they are no longer in the same area, which i haven't seen for more than 30 years. then last week at the suggestion of a schoolfriend who had been in touch with me after those 42 years, we visited some of the haunts of my childhood years. the streets and houses, and especially my school, seem much smaller, although the countryside keeps its proportions

not sure it was such a good idea, stirring the mud at the bottom of my pond. all sorts of memories come floating up at odd moments, mixed with a strange and quite heady potion of nostalgia, regret, relief. almost the only things i have in common with the person i was then, apart from my family, are my love of nature - i used to spend a lot of time wandering through local woods and fields, alone and in company - and ... knitting.

wonder what other people think - should one leave the past in the past??

am really enjoying knitting my sampler. might have to discipline myself to finish the silk Orenburg. not to mention working on the phd!!

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