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Sunday, 8 July 2007

Wedding Ring Shawl (Sharon Miller Heirloom Knitting

here at last, my version of the wedding ring shawl. i have so enjoyed making this, that i am quite bereft now it is finished. i knitted it in lacis and it came out slightly smaller all round than Sharon Miller's original, about 69" square. now busy casting round (although not on, yet ... ) for something to replace it. the problem is not the lack of things to do, only the lack of time and hands - one pair really not sufficient, nor one life!

there are other of Sharon's lovely shawls, other books, other patterns. even other ideas entirely in my own head. has any one out there worked out how to do without sleep? ;) or how to knit IN one's sleep? ;)

in the meantime, am doing a swatch of an orenburg design, just to see if i can work out how to do it. heigh ho, rabbit, rabbit ...


  1. oh, it's lovely lovely lovely! Thank you for posting the pictures!

  2. Oh my, that's magnificent!

  3. Really lovely! Beautiful work!

  4. Lovely work. I am looking for someone to make me one. Would you be interested or know someone who could help me?