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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Oh dear, I have been very remiss about blogging, haven’t I? L but I have been very busy, so perhaps I can be forgiven.

At the end of November I went to Killarney to visit No. 1 son, his lovely girlfriend Lisa, and my darling 5-month old grandson, Finn. For the first time in all my visits the weather was beautiful, and I had great fun walking the babe and visiting all sorts of things. The whole family travelled back with me, and stayed for almost a week.

On Saturday, 6th December I drove Jos and Finn to a sponsorship launch for his friend Richard Hume, who together with Tom Barnes is going to row the Atlantic next year to raise funds for Ataxia UK. Richard is godfather to Finn, and a fabulous person who overcomes his own physical problems to do these great things. This is a very worthy cause, as Ataxia strikes down young, healthy people, and does not get nearly enough funds, so do look at the website, and then support them in this great project. Imagine rowing the Atlantic in this little boat?

As usual, Finn played to an audience, and delighted all who saw him, including his other godfather, Pete, who was also there:

On Sunday, 7th my first grandson Luke had his second birthday party – how the time has flown since he made his debut in this world. I have been reading The Baby in the Mirror: A Child’s World from Birth to Three by Charles Ferneyhough, and it describes so interestingly how a child develops his/her personality over the first three years, that I cannot recommend it too highly. I was also able to see the difference that six months makes, by the way his older cousin Ellie behaves in comparison. And of course, joy of joys, my youngest grandchild was able to be present, although I don’t suppose he was aware of how wonderful it was to have all three of them together!

Since Jos and family returned home to Ireland I have been rushing around trying to get everything ready for our departure to spend Christmas with Peter’s son Simon and his family in Singapore. At the same time, precisely because of that departure, I had to prepare and present a pre-Christmas lunch on Saturday gone for two of my children and their families plus my mother!

On Friday last when my mother arrived in London I took her to the new Westfield shopping centre in White City. I have to admit that I, who am no consumerist shopaholic, quite the opposite in fact, was impressed. So much so that I even ended up buying things, mostly Christmas presents, but also a gorgeous cashmere jumper for myself! Oh well, it’s Christmas ain’t it? Surely goodwill to all men should apply to oneself too?

On Sunday I left my mother in the good care of my daughter Kathy, with husband Andy and son Luke. Of course my mother was delighted to spend time with her great grandson, and Andy, who is as I believe I said before an ace cook, produced a lovely lunch for her. The reason for this abandonment was to take husband Peter, who will be 79 tomorrow, to the new (-ish) Wembley stadium to see the Race of Champions. I should explain my l-sh (long-suffering husband) is a Formula 1 fanatic who used in a previous life BI (before Ingrid) to mix in the paddock with all the greats at Formula 1 races throughout Europe. So when I heard of the ROC, I knew that I just had to get tickets for his birthday treat. He had no idea where I was taking him until we got there, when he was just blown away. His hero Lewis Hamilton was there, as well Jensen Button, David Coulthard, Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel, and numerous rally champions.

And I should add, I had a wonderful time myself, cheering myself hoarse. Hamilton and Coulthard drove their Formula 1 cars around between the races, and we had a fabulous afternoon. And what’s more, the new Wembley Stadium is so impressive. The facilities are great and the arch looks great against the sky at night. Plus I got mega mega brownie points!! ;)))

So what about the knitting, I hear all you knits out there cry? Well, I have been getting on with my Princess; I am now on to the main border. And for in between times I am working on the Cap Shawl from Jane Sowerby’s Victorian Lace Knitting (pp. 28-9). I am using Heirloom Knitting’s Merino Lace in Emerald Green, and KnitPick’s Harmony Wood Circulars, 4mm. These last are from my fantastic Christmas present from l-sh (see above, and yes, I did prompt him! ;) in my defence, he likes to be prompted, because he says he can never think of anything – which is not true, because he has in the past bought me wonderful jewelry, some of which he designed himself!). They are the
Royale Harmony Interchangeable Boxed Set (Gold Plated), and I am in love with these beauties. I now just have to get some of the bigger dpns to complete my collection of Harmony Woods.

So they are the first of my three beautiful things tonight:

The second is my finished Honeybee stole, blocked:

And last but not least, the third is the first picture ever of my three youngest grandchildren all together under one roof, with their proud parents:

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