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Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Having been berated by one of my daughters (she knows who she is ... =[ ) for the lack of blog, I guess I'd better start up again. Had a great Christmas in Singapore with my stepson and his family.

It was my first ever hot Christmas. Walking on a sandy beach in 34°C being serenaded by 'Sleighbells ring, snows a-glistening' was more than a bit weird.

Singapore seems to make even more of a (commercial) fuss about Christmas than we do.

The most amazing thing I saw was this Christmas 'tree', made of red, white and green teddy bears.

The Christmas trees generally were pretty gob-smacking!

On Christmas day itself we went to the American Club and ate and drank ourselves silly from an immense buffet which in addition to traditional Christmas grub had several different roasts, as well as Chinese and Malay food, and a chocolate fountain. Then we repaired to someone's house for further celebrations, only going inside to be refreshed by the air-con, when it got too hot to stay outdoors, even in the shade! ;)

Another delight was our final two days at the Santoza resort hotel and spa. One morning we went for a walk down to the beach, then up to the Merlion, symbol of Singapore:

I then went for a fairly energetic swim in the spa pool. After a mudbath (mud imported specially from New Zealand) I put myself in the wonderful hands of a therapist for a two and a half hour massage which left me feeling so relaxed it was like having no bones. Then I ruined it all when we went to their gourmet restaurant for dinner!

In the meantime I continue to knit. Have nearly finished the cap shawl, but no photos right now, because my camera is sulking. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. A chocolate fountain. I would be thinking "I've died and gone to heaven!"