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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

honeybee stole

Spent the w/e looking after my beautiful grandson Luke (to anybody who thinks references to grandchildren are de trop, I'm sorry, but it's my blog, and I am biassed!!). He is almost two, so there is no rest when he is awake, him being old enough to have strength, but not old enough to have sense! So my w/e end was largely spent on hands and knees playing with trains, puzzles and blocks. Great fun, so no blogging, but I did manage to get a fair bit of knitting done on the rare occasions when he slept. Not the Princess, which would have been way too complex, but the Honeybee Stole, another of Anne Hanson's wonderful designs. This too is in Wooly Wonka's hand-dyed merino laceweight yarn, this time in Tupelo Gold. The colour is stunning, and the yarn is delightful to knit with. Here's the story so far:

Honeybee Stole (unblocked):

Honeybee Stole detail: beehives (unblocked):

Honeybee Stole detail: swarm (unblocked):

Honeybee Stole detail: bees and honeycomb (unblocked):

I particularly like the honeycomb stitch, so much that I am thinking of trying to use it on a top, as I think it would make a terrific allover design.
So that is my first beautiful thing today! My second is my grandson, here learning to cook with his dad, Andy. His dad is a terrific cook and made us a magnificent bolognaise sauce before he left. At this rate, Luke is destined to be a chef, he gets and appreciates the best food, and already helps dad in the kitchen.
And my third? Snow. Yup, snow. I didn't get a picture before it melted, but on Sunday a.m. the world was white, with big fat flakes falling, so beautiful. Snow. Or as Luke would say, snnnooow!! ;))))

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