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Sunday, 19 October 2008

3 more beautiful things ...

no pix, cos away from home, busy helping with grandchildren. Poor Ellie has major chickenpox, and probably wouldn't want her spots publishing. I am on a brief trip to my own home before returning to her home to look after her for three days, so her mum can go back to work! She is lovely to look after, even if she is a bit cranky with the itching at times. Although she is still less than 2 years and four months, she has become capable of serious and sustained conversations, and quite able to make herself understood and her wishes known. And she loves stories, so we read a lot.

The knitting makes progress, but it's only the same old stuff, so scarcely merits picture updates. I shall post when I get the back of the top finished and/or my Princess Swatch, which is about three quarters finished.

So in the meantime, 3 more beautiful things:
1) Ellie's conversations.
2) The geraniums which I see from my study window still blooming on people's balconies.
3) The continuing good weather, sunshine and warmth - even if it is intermittent, it is welcome.

Oh, and my sock blockers came, with lovely rabbits on them. Wonderful. Picture next time, I promise! If your interested I bought them here.

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  1. I like your "3 beautiful things" idea! There are many more beautiful things in my life than crappy ones, indeed.