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Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Our trip to the National Arboretum was so full of beautiful things, that I think I'll just show a selection, and people may pick their own three (and if you let me know, I'll publish a top 3):

Moreover, our hotel, Calcot Manor, had a wonderful spa, and darling Peter had booked a package which gave me a free treatment! Lovely guy, eh? So on Monday morning after a marvellous breakfast - kippers, which I never have at home because you eat them for one meal, but the smell lives with you for one week - and a fabulous facial, off to wander through the most amazing trees, breathing in the pure Cotswold air - bliss.
On the way home we stopped at the lovely town of Tetbury for tea and cakes, and visited the Highgrove shop, where I bought a bar of the most delicious smelling rose soap. Then home in time for an evening's TV watching and knitting!
And for knitters amongst you, how about these? My wonderful new bunny rabbit sock blockers. Can't wait to knit some socks to try them out. :)

To Cambridge tomorrow. The Cambridge Camera Club is honouring my brother-in-law, a keen photographer and erstwhile member, who died just before Christmas last year, by including some of his work in their annual show. Will report back on Thursday.

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