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Thursday, 9 October 2008

struggling ... but still here

Things not going too well at the moment. Making some progress on swatching for my Princess, and also on the Rowan top. From time to time swatching from Barbara Walker Treasury just to see how the stitches work. Trying not to let things get on top of me. Am I the only one who is thoroughly depressed by the chaos in the financial world? And even more by the knowledge that much of it has been brought about by greed and selfishness. I fear for my children trying to raise my grandchildren in a world that cares nothing for anything except money. Or at least that's how it seems to me right now. So I try to keep my mind fixed on small pleasures like this:
I know there are those out there who might think this is just a cone of yarn, but it's not! It's a Princess in embryo - isn't she beautiful, already?

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  1. Very pretty color! I couldn't find the Cashsilk on their website in larger cones like yours. Is that a special order? That would be very handy instead of splicing.