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Saturday, 1 November 2008

don't feel much like ...

blogging, because: the rainy, dull weather I see through my study window echoes the rainy dull weather in my head. However, I determined some time ago that I would concentrate on recording only the good things, because I need that reassurance, so I shall simply do three beautiful things, and hope for more!
On Wednesday we spent the day in Cambridge; a beautiful, crisply sunny autumnal day. The cold air brought colours sharply into focus, as I took several photos on the backs, and the seasonal soft shapes and colours were in striking contrast to the stark lines of the stowed punts.

Although this one's ready to go at any moment ... I think ...

One picture alone could be my three beautiful things: this line of three wonderful shaped box bushes really took my fancy:
Friday was my day for looking after my grandson, Luke. We went for a lovely long walk, this time in Surrey, in similar weather. I was amazed how far his little legs could stagger, as long as we went at his pace!! And when his mum, Kathy came home, we shared some hallowe'en fun. Although Luke looks a bit aback at his mother's altered appearance:

Oh well, perhaps it really is mum, after all!! After all, I'm an altered image too, in my pumpkin suit!!!
Kathy, queen of the apple-bobbers,

On the knitting front, I have been working away at a Christmas present scarf, of which more, including pix, tomorrow.


  1. It is really nice to concentrate on the positive things in life. Sometimes that is all we need. Just a little positive affirmation to make the day seem brighter.

  2. Well, that's what I'm hoping ... :)