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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

all good things ...

... come to an end! So now all grandchildren and parents have gone home, and I am left with as much time as I like to myself - so of course, I don't like! Human beings are so contrary, aren't they?

But I've had a great time, even if I am totally exhausted. Yesterday I was round the galleries with Finn's Irish grandfather, Dermot. He's an artist of no small talent, and came over with Jos and Lisa and Finn to see what's on show. Walking down New Bond Street, we were passing Sotheby's auction house. They were advertising viewing for their forthcoming sale of Impressionist paintings, and Dermot had the genial idea of going in for a look. Now I have been down New Bond Street past Sotheby's more times than I care to remember, and I would never have thought of going in.

But in we go, and first off the doorman is from Cahirceveen, so he and Dermot get to chatting like long lost brothers. Then we go round the viewing, and it's fantastic. Lots of unusual paintings, not the usual suspects at all. Bonnards that aren't 'Nude bathing', and Renoirs that aren't blowsy women. Plus lots of wonderful paintings from both well and lesser known Impressionists.

So the moral is? Sometimes it takes someone else to come along and shake one out of one's rut, make one do something different, to make the day. Thanks, Dermot. :)

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  1. Hi Ingrid, Happy to hear you went in to see some paintings, I have always liked some of Monet's, but it wasn't until I saw some originals at an exhibition that I was able to see why some paintings are worth millions, the copies and prints are just not in the same league. Will get to Europe one day and see whatever I can manage.