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Friday, 16 January 2009

Not much to report today, except that my mum is very pleased with her scarf, so has ordered another with the second ball, so now I am looking for another allover pattern, for variety.

My Princess is coming on quite well now, so I shall take pictures soon, when I feel there's enough to make it worthwhile showing it.

In the meantime, I persevere with The Tale of Genji. It does get easier as I go along, although it is still difficult, keeping track of all the characters. But I am enjoying it, in a strange way, when I can overcome my irritation at the place of women in that society. How much we women in western democracies have to be grateful, in spite of all their imperfections!

My special joy right now is the knowledge that in a week's time I shall see Ellie [second granddaughter, two and a half] and Finn [second grandson, 6 months]! :))))) [and their parents too, of course ;)]

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