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Sunday, 15 February 2009

I can want apple ...

Very busy this weekend entertaining my young grandson Luke and his parents. At 2 years 2 months he is really getting into his verbal stride. Two weeks ago most of his language consisted of one and two-word utterances, not all of which were intelligible. Now he can do sentences, as, when in the bath wanting to finish his fruit, he said 'I can want apple!' Which I think beautifully sums up his feelings:

Some time earlier, his cousin Ellie, a little older and also on a visit, was not to be outdone when she showed off her beautiful new hat:

My son-in-law Andy, Luke's dad, cooked us a sumptuous Valentine's Day meal of scallops on pureed cauliflower, followed by Beef Wellington (the beef fillet supplied by his local farm shop - delicious) and then panna cotta. How nice to have a son-in-law who is an excellent chef!

As a third beautiful thing I offer a poor thing, but mine own. The hat I designed and knit from some left-over yarn (i.e., stash - yay!!) for Ellie's Pooh bear. Well, he seems to like it, and Ellie is very pleased. Who else matters? ;)

I should perhaps point out that the excellent trousers were knit by Ellie's Danish grandmother, who is called Beste. Now as this is short for Bestemor, which could be translated as 'best mother', I think that is a very fine word indeed for grandmother! ;))))


  1. I've never had children but I saw this on the Web (and plan to use it on the blog some day): grandchildren are God's gift for not having killed your teenagers.