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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Rugby comes first!

No time to blog today, because I shall be knitting furiously while I watch the England:Italy 6 Nations match, with everything crossed! ;) (now that should be interesting, knitting with fingers crossed - I know sometimes they get that way when attempting something complex, but actually to knit that way, hmm - will report back later! ;))

They have never lost yet to Italy in a 6 Nations match, but the way they played in the autumn internationals ... still I live in hope of a good start to this year's competition.

More tomorrow.

PS.: the snow has cleared from here, but the forecast's a bit iffey still. I must say, I rather like the snow. It brings a hushed beauty to even the most ugly urban sprawl. Also it serves us humans with a well-timed reminder that we are not completely in control. I know that's a point of view that's likely to make me unpopular, but there you go! :)

'Swing low, sweet chariots ...'

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