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Friday, 6 February 2009

still not just the Princess ..

I finally overcame my reluctance to block the Cap Shawl, so here it is:

I realised that my tardiness was born of my puzzlement as to how to block it, because it has 9 segments. In the end I just got down on hands and knees with the pins and did it by eye. I really love how the patterns have turned out. Here the centre, which turns out like star points:

Here a close up of the lovely six-pointed stars that arise within the star points:

Finally the leaf pattern that fills in the segments between the star points, which I absolutely love:

The shawl came out at about 67" diameter, slightly smaller than the original in Jane Sowerby's book, but that's because I deliberately used a smaller needle. I love everything about this shawl, but especially the wonderful merino lace weight yarn in emerald from Heirloom Knitting.


  1. Oh my gosh, that is simply stunning! What a work of beauty!

  2. What a wonderful result !
    My you were brave, I am more of a control freak, I would have measured across from side to side in a few places, to get an average figure then drawn a circle with tailors chalk on the sheet. pin or thumb tack in the middle and chalk on a string and around you go! Have often had to draw such circles making bags and quilting patterns.

  3. In reply to Abbeysmum, yes I would normally do that too, but I really don't have anywhere to do it in that way. I'm a bit obsessive compulsive about the ones I've been doing with straight lines, but with this round one, it just wasn't an option, and it was beginning to look like it would sit in the basket forever! ;)