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Thursday, 5 February 2009

not just the Princess ...

Although the Princess is demanding most of my attention at the moment - as a Princess should, of course, sometimes I do other knitting. Lately I have completed another little scarf for my mother, with the remaining ball of yarn she acquired for the extravagant sum of 0.69 pence!

She required something not too long, nor wide. This blocked to 14 by 40 inches. I wanted it be fairly easy, with few joins, so I kind of adapted the Orenburg shawl idea, by starting with knitting the bottom border. I made up a very simple pattern and knit an appropriate number of points, including some to turn the corner:

Then I picked up the stitches I needed for the centre, keeping the border going at either side. For the centre I took the Fishtail Pattern (Kalasabakiri) from Nancy Bush's wonderful book, Knitted Lace of Estonia:

Finally I knitted the top border, knitting in one stitch from the centre with every second row, and grafted the two ends of the border, giving this as the result:

Now I wait for the final verdict from its recipient, my sternest critic, my mother! ;) (I confess the final corner is a little wonky, but I plead running out of yarn!)

BTW.: please don't think for one moment I put myself in the same class as either the Orenburg knitters, or Nancy Bush. But I sit at their feet and learn.

My cap shawl is blocking as I write - watch this space tomorrow.

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  1. Very pretty! I like the center lace pattern a lot!