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Monday, 2 February 2009


Now I know that there are people out there who often have snow. Real, heavy, long-lasting snow. Six months of the year type snow. Feet deep drifting snow. Still, this much snow in London really does seem worth mentioning. Never mind the moans and groans about insufficient gritting, buses not running, etc. I give you - The View from my Window in the heart of the City of London:

Pretty, isn't it? Even the dolphins seem impressed by their snow 'caps' and their frozen pond:

The bare tree branches take on a new beauty against the stark concrete outlines of the tower blocks, which are themselves edged with white icing:

Someone has built a pussy cat snowman, complete with twig tail, photographed here with Peter in his winter anorak, hoping I won't make him pose for too long in the still falling snow:

Daughter Kathy tells me grandson Luke, two years old, was unimpressed and preferred to return indoors to Thomas the tank engine. Imogen's daughter Ellie, two years seven months, however, was keen to play out for a little longer, until she decided it was altogether too cold. And my son Jos in Killarney was mocking us with bright sunshine! What a pity there's never much when I visit them.
But hey, the snow's great, I love it. Everything to its season! ;))

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