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Sunday, 9 November 2008

in brief ...

3 beautiful things:

1) Went last night to a concert at the Barbican. Rossini's Petite Messe Solonelle. Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchester, combined choirs of the Leipzig Gewandhaus and the Leipzig Opera, 4 fabulous soloists, conducted by Riccardo Chailly. Fantastic. So uplifting. It really took me out of myself. I seem to remember a song about the healing power of music, Schubert maybe?

"Thou heavenly art in many hours of sadness
When life’s hard toils my spirit hath oppressed
Hast thou my heart revived with love and gladness
And borne my soul above to realms of rest."

2) My granddaughter Ellie spent the day with us, with her mother. Such fun we had. Her word, one of her favourite expressions of the moment being 'We'll have fun!!!" We fed ducks, or rather the herring gulls, who mobbed the ducks as we fed them, actually tearing bread from their very beaks! Then we went on swing and slide, before walking home with a careful collection of autumn leaves which we then used to make a lovely tree picture, although I must own up I did most of the work - but then Ellie is not quite two and a half! ;)

3) The Princess Shawl. I have now knitted 10 points of the edging for this wonderful design by Sharon Miller, of Heirloom Knitting fame. I can't express enough admiration for Sharon and her wonderful work in rediscovering Shetland Lace. This one's a tough cookie, punishes me sharply for a moment's inattention, but it's well worth the effort, and I look forward to many long hours together before I can at last languish in its embrace:

detail (unblocked):


  1. Just as it is.....it's breathtaking.

  2. Beautiful color! Congrats on getting started.

  3. Your Princess is looking very regal! I adore that color.

  4. I have just looked at the "Princess" and as a knitter since I was 12 (we are the same age) I can see that you do indeed need LOTS of concentration for that pattern. Difficult things are quite rewarding, I once counted stitches and rows to reproduce a tiny copy of a baby jacket so it would fit premature babies and produced a pattern so others could make them too, it was all knitted sideways,very interesting exercise.