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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

why the weather is nearly as moody as I am ...

Sunday night brought high winds and torrential rain, lashing at our balcony window. At one point the wind literally picked up the balcony chairs and threw them at the window. Twice we had to go out to secure things, and I felt myself being buffeted like a rag doll by the gusts, and was relieved to get back inside without being blown over - not a good idea on the twelfth floor! ;)

Monday was less windy, but still torrential rain, so imagine the cheer when Tuesday and today brought bright sunshine. Cold maybe, but still beautiful. And that gave me my first beautiful thing: the view from my window of the garden below, and the trees, some of which still bear their autumn colours, high winds notwithstanding.

My second may seem mundane, but gives me great pleasure nonetheless. A pile of freshly ironed clothes. Even small tasks, properly done, can give pleasure, I think.

And finally, I have reached the second part of the Bee Fields, the swarm. Now don't you just think this just so looks like bees? Especially in this wonderful colourway.
It's giving me such joy, knitting this, that I am tempted to neglect my Princess. But no, I have done another five points in the last two days, and I have almost memorised the pattern now, so it goes quicker and quicker.

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