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Monday, 10 November 2008

the kindness of friends ... and strangers ...

... is my first beautiful thing today. Let me explain. Firstly, many thanks to those who sent kind wishes for my well-being AND compliments for my knitting. I do the work for its own pleasure and the pleasure of wearing or giving the results. However, it is very warming to have such appreciative comments AS WELL! :) So very many thanks indeed.

My second thing is: I met up with an old friend whom I've not seen for ages. We've both got our share of difficulties right now, but it was lovely to see each other, and I came away from our meeting feeling much cheered - I hope I did the same for my friend. Which goes to show, one should never neglect one's friends, however low one might be feeling, because out of such kindnesses is the darkness of the world kept at bay.

My third thing is this:
In October of last year I tragically LOST, yes lost, some knitting on the Berlin underground. It was my Bee Fields KAL shawl. Sadly, it never came to light again, and I can only hope that it went to a good home. As it was about half-finished, it would make a shoulder cape for anyone who knew enough about knitting to finish it off, especially as there was a goodly ball of wool left with it!!
Anyway, although the Princess is a wonderful project, she is a harsh taskmistress, so I was looking for something less demanding to fill in those moments when I can't cope with her, or when I'm on the tube (London underground) or something. So my mind went to the Bee Fields, as I had replaced the yarn as soon as I lost the first lot. This is a lovely knit, fairly easy because one soon picks up the reps, without it being boring. It's a good way to work myself into the Princess, because it's like a warm-up, but it's also good by itself. Moreover the yarn is gorgeous, a lovely soft wool in variegated yellow (Wooly Wonka's hand-dyed merino laceweight yarn in Buckwheat honey) very uplifting, and I'm knitting on my favourite Harmony knit picks laminated wood, 3.5 mm. So that's the note I'll end on for today! :)
Detail (bee hives):

Can't resist adding, I have the yarn in the other colourway (Tupelo gold) and the pattern for the stole, so that's not far behind!! ;)


  1. Oh, I love that Bee Fields! I have yarn for that one, too, along with a million other shawl yarns. Also, thanks to you, I purchased those Harmony straights this week, they should be here any day. I have the circulars, but do love straight needles for some things.

  2. Bee Fields is on my list and I may have to move it up after reading your post!

    I thumbed through Victorian Lace Today looking for "Scarf." I did find it; but, I must say, yours is much more stunning! Is it the silk that gives it such a lovely crisp look? Once again, you did a gorgeous job on that project and you really inspired me to get back to lace knitting.