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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

as promised - more on clan arans

As my son Jos has decided to settle in Killarney with his Irish girlfriend, and also likes to walk a lot, I thought what more appropriate than an Aran sweater to keep him snug! These are sweaters which have been devised for the different Irish clans and can be obtained from Clan Aran Sweaters, but they also do kits, so naturally I bought one and got out my needles.
The handsome guy is Jos, and it's a Mc Carthy Clan Aran, in bainin, pronounced bawnin, (i.e., traditional Aran wool) knit with 5mm. needles. The jacket I am knitting for his son Finn is a loose interpretation, because of the scale. I have cut down the size and number of the patterns, and I am knitting the main body, i.e., back and fronts, in one, to minimise bulky seams, and shall add a hood. An added bonus with Aran is that it knits up very quickly, in spite of the intricate patterns, because of the bulk of the bainin. Watch this space!!

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  1. That is very lovely! How are those kits to knit up? I have a bunch of Aran sweater patterns, but I really like some of the patterns on their website.