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Friday, 5 September 2008

Rowan Anniversary w/e

Shan't be blogging over the w/e - for my birthday, I treated myself to the Rowan Anniversary w/e seminar in Yorkshire, ticket purchased a long time ago. Then I wasn't going to go, because I didn't think I could face the driving, after my recent bout of illness. But my darling husband saved the day when he offered to take me there and treat me to the hotel stay, so off we go! And if the weather improves, we might even get a bit of walking. The scenery's lovely up there, I'll try to get some photos. And because Peter's driving, I can knit and sleep en route!;) In the meantime, here is the completed 'back and fronts' of Finn's Aran. I think it looks a bit like a crown, which is perfectly appropriate for my little king!

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