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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Not much about knitting ...

Nothing exciting to show knitwise. Finished the bottom and sides of the Rowan bag, but that's not particularly thrilling to look at. Will post again when I've finished making it up. Still waiting for my CashSilk for the princess.
Much more fun was looking after my beautiful Grandson Luke. His other grandmother, Gladys, usually minds him while my daughter Kathy is at work. Unfortunately, she dislocated her shoulder, so I am stepping in. I'll be off on Weds and Thurs this week and next - great. He's such a super chap:

I took him to Godstone Farm Park, which he loves: animals, tractors, sandpits, swings. What's not to like? My favourite is this giant white rabbit:

Finally, for those who think a knitting blog should always have something about knitting, look at these beauties. I treated myself to a full set of the new KnitPicks 14" Harmony Wood straights in special pack. My only sadness is they are not available (yet?) in finer sizes, because I just love everything about the Harmony Wood needles: their look, their feel, the way they knit. I live in hope, sigh ...


  1. I have that set of needles on my birthday wish-list. I have a whole set of their circulars and a set of the smaller double points for socks. The wood is beautiful.

    Your grandson indeed looks like a fine young chap!

  2. yes, I have some circulars and their sock needles too. they're just great - like my grandson! ;)