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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

more Zimmermann

I have now finished my third, and for the time being, last Baby Surprise Jacket:

This one, in blue stripes, using Rowan Lightweight DK from my stash, is for my beautiful new Grandson Finn who weighed in at around 7 lb 13 oz on 24th June, two days before his cousin Ellie's second birthday! He's gorgeous (as you will see in pic on right), and parents Jos and Lisa are nuts about him, understandably, if still a bit shell-shocked.

I just love the way the colours are modified by each other, and also how they change again when the jacket is finally assembled. The first pic shows the jacket before assembly.

My next effort is an aran jacket for the same gorgeous guy, to my own design adapted from the Mc Carthy clan aran, as his mum is a Mc Carthy. I already knitted the clan aran for his dad, more later, and thought it might be nice to have something for the boy!

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