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Sunday, 14 September 2008

Rowan 30th Anniversary Workshop 2

It's a week since I went on the Rowan Anniversary Workshop, and I promised to show and tell, honestly, I don't know where the time goes. In my defence, I was busy knitting the Aran, and cooing over my lovely Finn, who has now gone to visit great-grandparents in Yorkshire. So I shall spare a few minutes to give you a taster.

Sharon Brant had devised a lovely bag for us to make, which was intended to give us practice on three potentially troublesome techniques, fair isle, intarsia, and beading. Difficulties arose straightaway, as we had to select a base colour and four contrasts. How to make the choice from such lovely colours in Rowan pure wool DK? Eventually I tore myself away from my usual pinks, purples and blues, and went with a lovely rust, contrasted with orange, gold, green and a sharp fuchsia to give it some zing. I wanted a strong base colour, because being practical, I thought pale would be dodgy. My second colour was a dark green, because this will be the bottom of the bag, and again, I wanted something that would look good, but not show every mark. My aim was to get a rich finish, almost jewel like. Judge for yourselves.

Herewith the fair isle, pinned out to show, but not blocked yet:

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