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Sunday, 21 September 2008

Intarsia, grrrr ......

Well, I finally finished the intarsia for the Rowan Anniversary Bag, which means I remembered the other reason why I don't like intarsia - sewing the ends in!! :( After stitching for what seems like the rest of my life, I felt it was far enough on to photograph it, so here it is. I personalised the bag (with the designer's permission) by adding my initial I to the Rowan R, as my surname begins with R.

Here is a picture of the original design by Sharon Brant, for comparison.

Now I just have the sides to knit and the making-up to do. I think I shall line the bag, and Sharon suggested using some light wadding to firm it up a bit, then I can carry my latest project around in it, which seems appropriate, somehow! ;)

Off now to look after a grandson tomorrow. Big thrill!!

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