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Saturday, 20 September 2008

Princess Shawl

Have been working on the Rowan bag, but it's slow going. Being a perfectionist Virgo, or as my daughter once called me, a picky worry wort, I don't really like intarsia, it always worries me that I'm not really doing it 'right'. That's why I've never gone in for much in the way of picture knitting. More than that, I don't really feel that it's 'real' knitting, in that I feel it's straining the technique, rather than using it to advantage. I have done my fair share in my time; pictures for the children and so on. And I like it on things like tumbling blocks, vertical or diagonal stripes, and such. It's the finicky stuff that's all over the place that has my anxiety levels rising. Which is my excuse for not having finished the intarsia yet!

So today I'm showing my swatch for the Princess Shawl:

I can't start the shawl proper yet, as I am still waiting for my yarn (Sharon Miller's Gossamer CashSilk in Viola) and needles. So I'm swatching to see how the yarn works. To date I have done 8 points, and I am going to do a full feather, to get the whole effect. The CashSilk is very soft and slightly shining, but rather firm and slippy. I don't think it will block as crisply as a Shetland, but I don't mind, because this is for me, and I like its cuddly feel. Mind you, the slippiness of the yarn, and a slight tendency to split means that it will be a bit of a challenge, I think. I am also waiting for 14" long bamboo straights, size 2 mm - yes straights! Because another thing I don't really like is circular needles. I just can't get up any speed. I prefer to have my right-hand needle tucked under my right arm, so that I can whiz along. As I have decided to do a square shawl, this will enable me to knit it in sections, thereby NOT having 800++ stitches on a row. Sorry if that's sacrilege to some. My knitting, my method!! ;) Anyway, traditionally that's how Shetland shawls were knit, so I claim precedent.


  1. Welcome to Princess! The right way is the way it works for you. I am interested in seeing how you knit it. I am following the pattern.....kind off because I did modify the number of stitches to pickup for the border. It made more sense to me that way. Keep us posted.